Self charging phonebattery

A healthy way to charge

Innovative charging method

Everybody knows the problem that exists with the mobile phone. When you need your the hardest, the battery dies. This innovative idea will prevent your battery from dying ever again!

It will create electrical energie, generated from the friction that takes place when your phone is in your pocket. The generated energie will charge your phone battery as soon as it sees a chance.

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How does it work?

The frictional charging process results in a transfer of electrons between the two objects that are rubbed together. For example, rubber has a much greater attraction for electrons than animal fur. As a result, the atoms of rubber pull electrons from the atoms of animal fur, leaving both objects with an imbalance of charge. The rubber balloon has an excess of electrons and the animal fur has a shortage of electrons. Having an excess of electrons, the rubber balloon is charged negatively. Similarly, the shortage of electrons on the animal fur leaves it with a positive charge. The two objects have become charged with opposite types of charges as a result of the transfer of electrons from the least electron-loving material to the most electron-loving material. This phenomenon will cause the battery on your phone to charge itself.