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Why Check Unifi Coverage online

There are many broadband packages emerging throughout the telco market in Malaysia. The key telco company in Malaysia is TM. TM provides fibre broadband solutions for most residential and business.

To sign up for unifi, you need to make sure your area does have the unifi coverage. You can check coverage by going to the counter, sales office, promotion booth, contact TM office, or check coverage online.

Out of above methods, we recommend you to check Unifi Coverage online. Below are a few good reasons why you should check the coverage online.

1. Convenient. Checking online is the most convenient method. You do not have to travel to the sales office, counter. You can check coverage directly online in your office, home or when you are working on anything. As far as you have your computer or your phone that is connected to the internet, you can just go to the unifi websites that allow you to check coverage. By submitting your house address, you can get the information whether your area does have the coverage.

2. Same cost. Check coverage online is the same cost as when you go to the sales counter. There is no need to pay anything extra for checking unifi coverage. When submitting the check coverage form, or email the official distributor, you do not have to make any payment.

3. Accurate. By submitting online, you can ensure that the house address or office address is filled up correctly. So there will be no discrepancy when the dealer check the unifi coverage for the specific address.

4. Fast. Normally the coverage checking response will be done within a day or maximum two days. If your area is with the coverage, you can directly apply with them for the unifi application. If your area is not within the coverage, you may get informed in future.

Below are a few things to note when you are checking Unifi Package online. You must ensure the website is official by TM or TM dealers/ distributors. As far as they are the authorized dealer/ distributor, you can check coverage and apply unifi online. Also, to note that there is online required a few information to check the coverage. You must have house address or office address to check coverage. And of course your contact information so that the authorized dealer/ distributor can contact you for further action.

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