Tomcats This Week

Striving For Excellence

Expect Excellence Everyday

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.


We have great kids that are learning how to work hard in the classroom, in athletics, in the fine arts, FFA and CTE courses. We expect our kids to be EXCELLENT in the classroom, in their area of their passion (athletics, fine arts, FFA, CTE) and in life. The key word is learning... continue to support our kids in the classroom and in their area of passion and teach them how to think, how to process information and how to apply it.

You do a GREAT job everyday! Expect Excellence from our kids! Quality Products- Quality Work- TEACH THEM HOW!

Study Hall Reminder

When you assign a student to after school study hall- remember- the goal is to give students an opportunity to be successful!

Make sure that you:

  • Are clear with the student- this is new- some seem confused about process
  • Call the parent
  • Talk to the student about the day he/she can attend- many have to make arrangements
  • If student states they do not know how to do the assignment- arrange for them to come to you for tutoring
  • Communicate with Brittany - questions? any info that will help her help you!


PLC WEEK- meet with your PLC's this week- Topic: Planning- share how you will apply a piece of the Gradual Release Model (the model is recursive)- (what will you try/add/eliminate?- it can be very small- how can you tweak your lesson plan? talk about it- get suggestions from colleagues...)

Challenge: Before our staff meeting on the 10th..... visit one classroom during your conference- watch a colleague teach a lesson and email or text what you observed that was excellent... be prepared to share your insights at the meeting! Together... we can be better....


Fort Worth Stock Show Week- (FFA students are out this week)

Leadership Team Meeting- 8:45 am

7th Period- Feedback Conference Meeting


Basketball @ Lone Oak

Thursday: Western Day Wear! In honor of our kids at the stock show!

I will be out- attending Stock Show to watch kids show

Friday: Tomcat Spirit Day

Basketball vs. Commerce- Ladycat Senior Night

UPCOMING EVENTS: (and information that may impact your classroom)

February 10th (3:30pm)/12th (7:10am)- Staff Meeting

February 12th- Grades checked for UIL eligibility (students that are currently ineligible)

February 19th- FFA Auction- Cheer Tryouts (time TBD for tryouts- will be during school day)

February 18-20- Softball Tournament @ Whitesboro- (Kids will miss some school)

February 19th- Students passing all classes regain eligibility

February 25-27- Baseball Tournament @ Lone Oak- (kids will miss some school)

Thank you for all that you do! Appreciate You!