Katrina Vs. Harvey


By Izzie , Vante, Noah , Josh


  • Katrina's storm surge caused several disastrous breeches in the levees that were built to protect New Orleans from flooding
  • Harvey is the largest hurricane to ever hit Texas
  • cost of damage $160 billion Katrina $180 billion Harvey


  • 83 Harvey
  • 1836 katrenia
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What animals do during and after hurricanes

  • Fire ants will make living rafts

  • Crocodiles will go in people's front yards

  • Deer will go in people's garages

  • All animals are being rescued even baby squirrels

  • Mosquitoes are everywhere spreading diseases like Zika and the west Nile virus

  • Snakes are invading homes

  • Birds are blown off course

dolphin story

there where 8 dolphins.

Aug. 29,2005,hurricane Katrina hit.

many houses where gone.

helicopter and boat were sent to find the dolphins.

Noah,Kelly,Toni,Shelly,Jill,Tamra,Jackie, and Elijah

were transported to a navy base.

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Category of hurricane

  • Hurricane Harvey category #3
  • Hurricane Katrina category #5
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