September Newsletter

Don't miss your window of opportunity

Get your business growing

Take a look at what the past calendar year can tell us.

Beginning of January – resolution time out with the old and in with new

April May – Spring fever = gardening or cleaning

June, July – Vacation time

August – Back to school

But the Most Prolific Business Growth always happens in one specific 3 month time frame.

September, October, November.

The next three months are traditionally slower paced allowing Entrepreneurs and those looking to live Debit free time to look into additional opportunities to earn a second stream of income.

Take advantage of this window of opportunity. Introduce your friends, family and others to our Team. Ask your customers friends and family for referrals. Follow up on old contacts. Build your contact list and commit to making calls everyday. What you do now will effect the year to come.

What is in it for our customers?

Even if you are not building your business you can still take advantage of the referral program and earn a few extra buck for yourself. When one of my customers gives me a referral and that person is placed with under them. You as a customer can receive a check for your referrals. It might not be a huge check but would you turn down a Free movie night or dinner out once a month? That is what a small check from our company can do for you. You can find comfort in the fact that you are helping a Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa keep their business growing in these tuff times.

Need some ideas on how to help ??

Like them on Facebook

Repost blog posts

Pass on any specials they may have running

Post a commit about one of the things you like about their business (service, longevity, honesty)

Post a commit on quality or effectiveness

Word if mouth –

*If you are in business you can do this too. It might even have a boomerang effect on your own business. What goes around comes around.

Buy One Get One


1. Reach your monthly product point commitment.

2. Proceed to check out & click "Continue Checkout."

3. During checkout you will receive a page to select your special offers.* (Limit 2 per Customer

Don't for get to save even more when you use the monthly coupons and outlet store.

Fall leadership Kick off

At this Fall Kickoff you'll hear from Melaleuca's CEO Frank L. VanderSloot and some of Melaleuca best Corporate and Executive Directors. You'll get valuable training and insights, learn exciting product announcements, celebrate success, and learn how to grow your Melaleuca business.

Kickoff Meetings are September 11 – September 18. There have been a few changes to select
cities. Please check the information below to verify the time, date or location for the Kickoff
Meeting in your area.

September Business Incentive

When You Refer Two Customers by
September 13, 2012

First, to help you and your team get off to a fast start in September, any Marketing Executive can earn $50 Loyalty Shopping Dollars when they quality enroll two Preferred Customers by Thursday, September 13th. These Loyalty Shopping dollars can be used to shop for your favorite Melaleuca products. Redeeming these Loyalty Shopping Dollars is easy and follows the same terms and conditions as all Loyalty Shopping Dollars. So, help your team set their goals so everyone can refer two Preferred Customers by the 13th of September and qualify for $50 Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

When You Advance to Director in September 2012

Last month, thousands of category 2 and 3 customers set up their Melaleuca shopping account and started building a Melaleuca business for the first time. We want to help all of them get their business off to the right start and reach Director status in September. So, any Marketing Executive that advances to Director for the first time in the month of September can earn a $500 or $1,000 minimum check in September.

Here's how it works:

1.To earn a minimum of $500, quality enroll four Preferred Customers in September and advance to Director for the first time.

2.To earn a minimum of $1,000, quality enroll eight Preferred Customers in September and advance to Director for the first time

3.Remember, if you earn more than $500 or $1,000, then you will be paid that amount. But, if you qualify, you will earn no less than the $500 or $1,000 guarantee.

New Products for the Holidays

Starting the first of October our new Fall Catalogs and the Holiday Catalogs will be out. I am looking forward to purchasing several of both. Even though our store is online many people are visual buyers. Bring your catalogs to Kids practices, Doctors appointments or anywhere you have a captive audience.

What a great way to share all the great products we offer more frequently and without pressure.

Help your friends and family

* Eliminate the shopping crowds

* Eliminate Stress

* Eliminate impulse buying

* Start Early

* Share MarketPlace. We have over 650 retail stores partnered with us. Show them how

to get the same Black Friday Deals without standing in line PLUS get cash back.

You can also use the entertainment book if you are traveling to save even more.

Finding Freedom Team

Helping Families live Healthier, Wealthier lives