The Journey

January 2016

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Time for a Reset

The new year is a natural time for reflection, bringing the possibility for a fresh start. As students re-enter the classroom from the lengthy break, a perfect opportunity arises for teachers to revisit and refine the previously set classroom behavior expectations and routines.

As you reflect on the effectiveness of your own classroom behavior systems during the first few months of school, think about both the successes and the growth areas you've experienced. Take time to revisit and reinforce the expectations that are already working well to ensure that these behaviors continue into the new year. For the items on your list that are falling short of your standards, consider using a transparent approach with your class and address the unmet expectations. Not only does this model the importance of reflection, but also provides an opportunity for students to take active ownership of the routine or revised expectation.

Browse the resources below for tips, tools and ideas that can help you refine your classroom management for the new year!

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The 5 Second Solution
Distract the Distractor

Incorporating Accountability and Ownership: Tracking Behavior

Encourage your students to take ownership of their own behavior by guiding them through a process of goal setting and monitoring. By engaging your students in a variation of the below strategies, you will provide them with opportunities to celebrate their successes, as well as to reflect and make plans for improvement, a critical component in any classroom. Resolve to make classroom management a continual process in your classroom!
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Upcoming Events


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 18
  • New Educator Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, January 5
  • Semester Break: Friday, January 29

  • President's Day: Monday, February 15
  • New Educator Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, February 2
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!