Sports Medicine Physician

Megan Linn: Career Goal- To be a sports medicine physician


Sports physicians treat musculoskeletal injuries that occur in sports, such as knee and head injuries, ankle sprains, and fractures. Also they may treat chronic health conditions that affect athletic performance such as asthma.

Skills & Interest

Skills that you would need to be a sports pysician is:


Critical Thinking

Learning new Things

Making Desicions

Being Aware of Others


Helping Others

Coordinating with Others

Working Conditions

As a sports medicine physician, you may work with a sports team, or a fitness club. While treating patients, sports physicians often consult with athletic trainers, coaches, and athletic directors on preventions of injuries.

Wages & Outlook

The median salary of sport medicine physicians is $204,813. The US Bureau of Labor statistics predicted faster than average 18% employment grown for sports medicine physicians from 2012-2022.

Related Occupations

Other careers related to sports medicine pysician is:

Athletic Trainer

Doctor of Osteopathy

Exercise Physiologist


Medical Doctor



Physical Therapy

Program of Study

To get into sports medicine, is to have a four year program in medical school.

Program Admission

High school courses that you will need to take to be accepted are pre-med classes in biology, anatomy, and chemistry.

Program Coursework

For a Bachelor's degree, some typical courses you would complete are:

  • Kinesiology
  • Health and exercise science
  • Weight and training techniques
  • Exercise physiology
  • Sport psychology
  • Therapeutic modalities

Related Programs

Certificates that are related to Sport medicine includes emergency medicine, sports medicine, internal medicine/ Preventive medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and ophthalmology.
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