Mrs. Lyons's Newsletter

January 26-30, 2015

Mark Your Calendar:

January 28: Our 100th day of school!

February 13: Valentine's Day Party

This Week

  • Literacy/Social Studies: We will continue to learn about Lewis and Clark's expedition. The link below will take you to the National Geographic site with lots of additional resources to explore. We will continue our research of famous Americans who have made a significant impact on our nation's history. Students are welcome to research their famous American at home on line (with permission from a parent) or other print resources and bring their notes to class.

  • Math: We are wrapping up our unit of study on multi-digit multiplication and division and will continue to practice and refine our strategies for these skills. We will soon dive into fractions!

  • Science: We will continue to study Force and Motion. See the pictures below to get a glimpse of how much fun we had learning about Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion and Inertia.

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