The Thames River

By Ian Spencer Hour:8

About the Thames River

  • Location- The Thames River is in the United Kingdom and runs through England and doesn't border any countries
  • Size- The Thames River is 236 miles long and can be 60-2400 feet wide in different spots and is 37 feet deep at its deepest point
  • Physical Characteristics- It contains more than 80 islands
  • Wildlife- Many birds feed off the river like the Cormorant, Black Headed Gull, and the Herring Gull. Some freshwater fish are the Brown Trout, Chub, Dace, Roach, and Perch. A salt and freshwater fish is the Salmon. Some aquatic mammals live there too like the Grey and Harbour Seals, and even Bottlenose Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.
  • Vegetation- The Thames River has Riparian vegetation, the soil type is mostly grey calcareous clayey, and is both saltwater and freshwater
  • Climate- It usually has humidity at least above 55% and has a cool temperature and is slightly windy
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Human Characteristics

  • Human made features- There are many bridges that go over the Thames River and many dams also
  • Language- They mostly speak Welsh and Polish around the Thames River
  • Religion- One of there religions/beliefs is that if they make offerings to the sea then it will be connected to all the holy rivers (rivers that flow to the sea)
  • Political System- They have a Parliamentary System which means that the party with the greatest representation in the legislature forms the government
  • Economic Activities- By using the river to their advantage for things like fishing to earn money, energy with dams, using it for transportation to maybe get to an area for farming or to go on an island in the Thames River to get food (fruit, vegetation, and meat), etc.
  • Population Distribution- There seem to be more people towards the middle of the river

Natural Resources

There are many natural resources around the Thames River like clay, rocks, trees/plants/vegetation, the basin, etc.
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There are many places where the river may run too high so they put a dam in or if they need to cross the Thames River they put a bridge in where necessary. Also, people settle where there are lots of physical features like the Thames River Basin. The Thames River has affected people to maybe find a new thing to use the river like if it's drinkable. Some major cities located by/near the Thames river are Oxford, London, Wallingford, etc.