By Kolby

What is a BULLY

A BULLY is a person that picks on someone constantly. But sometimes BULLIES have actually been bullied themselves.

What do you do about a BULLY

If you see a BULLY bulling someone you should either interrupt, Tell a adult, Tell some friends because the BULLY can't bully all of you at the same time and then say that is not very nice can you please STOP, or just be nice and ask if they want to be friends.PS. if that doesn't work go and talk about it and the next thing you know you will have a NEW FRIEND!!!


Also make sure to NOT BE MEAN TO A BULLY!!! Because that would make them even more MAD!!! But sometimes if you be nice to a BULLY they might throw the kindness right back at ya.


Here is a tip to keep you calm about a BULLY: ) It is called the PUSH PULL DANGLE this is what you do so you sit down in a chair and first you PUSH yourself up on the chair. Then you PULL under the chair with you on it then you SLUMP down in your chair then you dangle your arms.