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Buffalo Community Middle School. October 2020.

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Locker Assignments Coming Soon!

This early "winter" caught many of us by surprise. We want you to know we have plans to allow students to use lockers, and we have already started the process of preparing and assigning lockers while keeping student safety in mind. We will share more specific information about student locker use early next week. This is a big task and we really appreciate the patience and understanding!

BCMS Virtual Conferences - 10/27 and 11/5

Due to the complexities of COVID, we will be hosting virtual conferences on October 27th and November 5th from 4-8 pm via Google Meet. These conferences will be optional since these Google Meet appointments will limit the number of conference time slots we can fit in each night. If your child is currently keeping up in his or her classes, it may not be necessary for you to schedule a conference at this time.

Even though your child may not need a conference right now, if at any time this school year, you have questions or you want to set up an appointment with a teacher, please reach out.

These are the many ways you can stay connected with BCMS:

  • Campus Parent Portal
    • BCMS teachers use Campus Portal to help communicate with assignments and activities with students and parents.

  • BCMS Course Resources

    • Teacher contact information & a video about each class and is available on our Course Resources Site that we used for our BCMS Open House.

  • Phone Calls & Emails & Google Meets

    • All phone numbers and email addresses are available on our BCMS Website

If you feel like your child needs a conference this fall, please follow the directions below to sign up with individual teachers and/or your child’s team.

Conference Sign Up Directions:

  1. Please go to: www.myconferencetime.com/bcms

  2. Find and click on the name of either your child’s team (6th & 7th Grade) or your child's teacher(s). (Remember: all conferences will be held virtually)

  3. Select your preferred time

  4. Enter required information (E-mail address is required, this will ensure you get the Google Meet link you need for your virtual conference)

  5. Click “Sign Up for Your Conference” near the bottom of the screen.

  6. When your conference night approaches, you will receive a Google Meet link from all of the teachers you are signing up with. Here are directions on how to access that conference:https://youtu.be/8eGnSqUhpPw

If you need help signing up, please contact the BCMS front office:@ 763.682.8200.

Check your child's grades on Parent Portal:

The best way to keep up to date on your child's progress in classes at BCMS is to check Campus Parent Portal. At BCMS, teachers post grades in Campus weekly. You can also encourage your child to check Campus Student Portal throughout the week.

BCMS Student Pictures and Retake Information

Hybrid Learners:

Pictures were distributed in school on 10/19 and 10/20.
Picture retakes are Monday 11/2 & Tuesday 11/3 in the morning. If you already had your pictures taken, please just bring your original picture package to give to the photographer.

Distance Learners:
Distance learners can pickup pictures at the front desk - office hours are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Retakes for distance learners are Monday 11/2 & Tuesday 11/3 from 12:00-3:00 pm. Students can come either day at any time. Students can enter through the front doors & check in at the front office. If you already ordered pictures, please bring your original picture package to give to the photographer.

Strategies to help your child on at-home learning days:

Quick Start Google Classroom Resource:

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News from BHM Food Service

1. The meals are free to all students, no questions asked.
Regardless of your level of need, it saves you money on food for your kids. If you don’t need it but can use it, you can donate the money you save to food shelves or other charitable organizations.

2. When meals are not taken and participation declines, the school district may receive less funding, which can lead to not being able to offer as much food, as well as employee layoffs. The food is reimbursed by the federal government on a per meal basis. The more kids they feed, the more reimbursement they get. The fewer they feed, the less they get. See details on the Minnesota Department of Education website. Plus, even with all kids now being eligible for the free food, fewer meals may actually be served than during a typical school year, leading to potential shortfalls in the future.

3. It’s comforting to kids to have familiar foods from their school. Most kids actually love eating foods they would normally get at the school, and drinking milk from the little cartons they only get there as well. It’s hard enough adapting to the new school schedule and way of current life – this gives them a little “taste” of it at home, and reminds them every day that the school misses them and wants to still take care of them.

4. It saves you some stress of feeding your kids, as most of the food is ready-to-eat. There are typically individual servings of cereal, milk, sandwiches, fruit, veggies, snacks and more. Kids can just grab it and eat it. The free meals from school will save you TIME and MONEY!

Myth Busting: “‘I want to save meals for those who really need it.’ We have heard this comment throughout our community and we want to assure you that we have enough food for all. In fact, not only do these meals support students, they support our department.

Information About Checking Out BCMS Books

This is a virtual media center orientation. There is a short video that explains how to check availability of our books and how to access your own checkouts.

What is Knowledge Bowl?

Knowledge Bowl is a team contest in which students compete in written and oral rounds by answering questions related to all areas of learning. The questions test students’ recall, problem solving and critical thinking skills. The major emphasis at this level of competition is to enjoy participating and to experience team competition.

It is an interdisciplinary academic program for students. Question sets will include questions from a mix of disciplines, including American history, world history, government, current events, economics and law, geography, literature, English, math, physical science, life science, earth science, health and psychology, art and music, and general knowledge of Minnesota.

This year we will only compete in two meets with area schools virtually. Teams consist of six members and all six members compete in both the written and oral rounds.

Practices will begin on Wednesday/Thursday, Oct 28/29 for students attending on those days.

Yearbooks For Sale:

Yearbooks are on sale right now for $38 plus tax. Go to www.jostensyearbooks.com to order your yearbook. Preorders are recommended.

Please submit photos to Jostens that can be used in the yearbook. Search for the REPLAY app and download it to your phone. Watch for photo contests coming up soon!!

Meet Angie Anderson, Our New Principal's Secretary

Meet Kelley Jaszewski, Our New Attendance Secretary

Buffalo Community Middle School


BCMS Attendance:

  • Now that all of our students have a device for at home learning, your child will have a daily assignment or interaction requirement for most classes. This might include live lessons, live interactions with teachers, watching an online lesson, or submission of coursework.

  • Student participation in scheduled live lessons, Google Meets, Google Chats, or phone calls is required.

  • Teachers will submit attendance hourly based on your child’s participation.

  • If your child cannot participate in daily learning activities due to internet connection, illness or vacation, please contact the BCMS attendance secretary:

Kelley Jaszewski

Email: kjaszewski@bhmschools.org

ATTENDANCE LINE: 763.682.8242

Thank You!

Thank you so very much for sharing your most precious gift with us. Together we will get through these unbelievable times and continue to do what is best for your child's education.

Never hesitate to reach out to us!

Grade Level Principals:

6th Grade - Katie Gohl: katiegohl@bhmschools.org

7th Grade- John Hayden: jhayden@bhmschsools.org

8th Grade - Matt Lubben: mlubben@bhmschools.org

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Grade Level Counselors:

6th Grade - Kaitlin Kolbinger - Phone: 763-682-8220 Email: kkolbinger@bhmschools.org

7th Grade - Ashley Kamphenkel - Phone: 763-682-8217 Email: akamphenkel@bhmschools.org

8th Grade - Penny Thalacker - Phone: 763-682-8219 Email: pthalack@bhmschools.org

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