Dr. Seuss

By:Cherokee Sparks

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Monday, March 2nd, 5pm

Community Center

Come see us at the Community Center for Dr. Seuss's birthday party.

Book Summary

Sally Walden and her brother was just sitting by the window on a rainy day . When Cat in the Hat came in and said "Why you sit there like that. I know its wet and the sun isn't shining , but we can have lots of fun." "I know some good games we can play," said Cat in the Hat. Sally and her brother's mom was out for one day. The fish said, "No! No! No! tell that cat to go away." "He should not be here when your mother is out."
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5 facts about Dr. Seuss

1) Theodore Seuss Genisel

2) The first book that he ever wrote was rejected 27 times.

3) Seuss is actually pronounced "SOYSS," rhyming voice

4) Over the course of his career Genisel wrote over 60 books.

5) March 2, 1904 is Dr. Seuss's Birthday

The Lorax

The Lorax is orange. He has a mustache. He speaks for the trees. He is short and fat. He likes trees. He don't wear pants.
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New book From Dr. Seuss

"What Pet Should I Get"

Pre-order on June 28th

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Facts About Dr. Seuss