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Galieo Galale

Galieo discoverd four moons with a teliscope in 1609

Galieo discoverd phases of venus and that the sun rotates and the planets orbit the sun not around the Earth.

He descoverd neptune in 1612 but thought it was a distant star, Galieo built his own telescope and observed neptune in 1612 after that hi went over to Europe and studyed with his father with a telescope of a magnifiction of only 30 times better than his own eyes .

Galieo got blind at the age of 74 from looking derctly at the sun befor he built hes own teliscope, Galieo died at the age of eighty two died in 1642.

Galieo built his teliscope when hi was 52 with his father

Galileo attempted to measure the speed of light by placing observers with lanterns a mile a part .

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