7th Grade Family Newsletter

August 30, 2019

Wildcat Family Discovery Day - Tuesday, September 3

Come on out for our upcoming family event where you can attend four 30-minute sessions of your choice from 5:30-7:30PM. The sessions are dedicated to sharing information that is unique to JCMS and helps you better understand what we do here. More information is listed below on session topics.

Popcorn and grab-and-go snacks will be available near the main entrance. Hope to see you there!

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Counseling Corner with Frint

August has come and gone but I am still working on perfecting schedules and going through records of new students. Please know your child's schedule may still change - they will keep their current core teachers but they may end up in a different hour as we adjust/balance numbers to keep class sizes as small as possible. We are also still processing building reading and math data to figure out what students need additional help or possible advance placement so schedules are not set yet! Stay tuned.

September can be hectic time in a 7th graders life. They are still adjusting to their new teachers but for many they are student-athletes for the first time. There can be a lot of anxiety about playing in their first games but also dealing with missing class time and how to handle missed classroom activities. I encourage you to sit down as a family to discuss how to manage the stresses of being an athlete, dealing with missing class work and knowing your child's team/building policies regards leaving early for games.

Another change this year is length of grading periods. Did you know under our last year's system mid-terms would have been on Friday, August 30th! Now with the 9 weeks grading system teacher and student have more time to work on skills. I would encourage you to review there grades weekly but if you have concerns please reach out to teachers, sooner rather than later. We can always schedule a meeting for you to discuss concerns so please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am hoping by this time next month I will be share my plans on discussing careers/job exploration in our computer program called Xello so stay tuned!

Best wishes,

Michael Frint

7th grade counselor



What is Bullying?

The term "bullying" often gets tagged for any behavior that is mean or hurtful. It is important for us to not fall into this practice. Bullying describes a very specific type of behavior that is ongoing/repeated, involves an abuse of power, and behaviors that cause harm. Many students engage in mean and hurtful behaviors, however this does not always equal bullying. We can describe these behaviors as unkind, mean, hurtful, inappropriate, but should never call them bullying unless we have evidence to indicate they meet these three criteria.
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Bullying: Reporting

Please encourage your 'tween' to report any bullying that they see, hear or experience themselves to an adult. If your child confides in you but not an adult at school, please keep us informed so we can help. Neither one of us can help in situations, if we do not know.

An informal bully report can be made to any adult in the building. Students reporting bullying will fill out a form that provides the adults with necessary details to begin their investigation. This form is used when bullying is reported but not seen or heard by an adult. (See the attached form that we use at JCMS for documentation/investigation purposes).

Thank You!!

For all of you who stopped by our family table at Open House and wrote an encouraging word for our 7th grade wall - thank you! This wall is so much more colorful, inspiring, and encouraging to those who see it. It boosts your energy and perspective when all you read are positive things. :) Here is a quick glimpse of how we "threw your kindness like confetti". We invite you to check it out in person at our Wildcat Family Discover Day event next week.
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Calendar of Events

  • September 2: No-School (Labor Day)
  • September 3: Wildcat Family Discover Day (5:30PM-7:30PM)
  • October 11: End of 1st 9-weeks

September is Attendance Awareness Month

Below is a link of helpful tips regarding your child's attendance and being aware of how often, is too often, in regards to being away from school.


To maximize your child's learning and time in school, please make appointments outside of the school day and screen for illnesses. In our latest attendance report, we have 50 JCMS students who have missed 20% of their school days already. Any student who misses 10% of school is considered chronically absent.

Behavior Management/Discipline at JCMS

On any given day, students can display a variety of behaviors. At JCMS, we have categorized the common, unnecessary behaviors into three levels: Level 1 (more minor), Level 2 (more disruptive and hurtful), and Level 3 (severe).

To be eligible for a Renaissance card and school-wide incentives, students cannot display any Level 3's and no more than one Level 2 during a grading period.

Please take a look at the attached document (below) so that you have a better understanding and reference for the year and can talk with your child; promoting positive and kind behaviors. Thank you!