Greek Mythology

Poseidon God of the sea

what is the Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is a collection of ancient Greek myths. These myths describe, the greek gods. Its describes the history of the stories and tales of mortal heroes or demigods.

The mytology is not religious.

The main gods were Zaos- to shine, Fosidon- to water, Dmtr- goddess of grain, Sara goddess of marriage, Dionisos- to wine, Ars- to war, Hfiistos- to work, Afrodith- goddess of beauty and love, Atnh- goddess of wisdom, Hrms- to wealth, Afolo- to the sun,

Artmis- goddess of the moon.


Poseidon was the Greek God of the sea, the earthquakes, Horse, and that he has super powers. Poseidon was a chief of the gods on Olympus, second in importance, chief of the gods. fosidon Was very common in ancient Greece, and many temples were built for him. He was very reputable for the Greeks.

Poseidon movie

Poseidon is a 2006 adventure film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The film is based on a book of the same name.Poseidon luxury ship cruise goes out to celebrate the New Year arrived. During the festivities a huge wave hits the ship and makes it. A group of survivors fighting for her life as she tries to escape from the ship