Week of April 22nd...

LA Staff News



1. I will be scheduling some summative conversations to wrap up some NEE stuff! :)


Happy Birthday, Lori!


Some LA Juniors and Seniors take the ACT at their home high schools. Thank you, Lori, for not just planning this once...but twice this year!

Northland Chamber Banquet for CHAD! (5:30-8:30)

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Summer and Jodi!

Thursday: No Music Therapy (Our therapist is moving out of state, so it looks like this is done for this year. It will continue in the fall once they replace her.)

Mark at Conscious Discipline 12-3.


A group of HMS teachers will be visiting us in the PM

Upcoming dates to note:

May 6-10: Staff Appreciation Week (Hotdogs on 5/10)

May 14: Seniors last day, SHOWCASE, Graduation Celebration

May 31: Last day of school

How Can THESE Be Our Standards?

Big picture
Big picture
In the Conscious Discipline world, these are the structures they have in place to build those executive functioning skills. Even without knowing those structures, you can get the idea of some of the activities that build these skills!