Genevith and Gabby


All living things are biotic plants,animals and humans.


Non living things example rocks and soil.

Predator and prey

An animal that eats another animal is the predator and the animal being eaten is the prey.
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Water cycle

The water cycle shows us the continuous movement of water above and below the earth.
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Carbon cycle

Carbon moves from one reservoir to another in the carbon cycle.crabon is found in fossils,trees,it's realse from animals and humans also from factories.


Fleas and mosquitoes feed on the bold of other organisms.

Food chain

Every organism Is in the food chain they can be in the top or bottom
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Commensalism- the relationship in this photo represents commensalism. While the cow eats grass to eat, the bird will eat insects that sit on the cow. This benefits both of them because the cow is getting a free cleaning and the bird is getting food off of this.