World Kindness Day

An Important Day for the World

To Make Everyday Life More Pleasant

World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13th but currently it is just a small celebration that barely anyone knows about. I believe that this day could be a world wide holiday. Not many people take a moment to be kind to others or make someone else's day. People need to stop and think, am I being kind? What if there was a day when people passed each other and smiled and actually gave others compliments. If you perform one simple act of kindness on this day, kindness might get passed on around the world. If we took a day to be aware of the feelings of others then more people would feel confident about themselves and there would be more happiness in the world. If more people were kind to each other, it is possible that the number of people that feel depressed may decrease. If people made others feel good about themselves a significant change may occur like, people might not be as willing to commit suicide so the number of deaths from suicide would definitely decrease. People might think before they act. I believe that this day is important because with all of the bustle and stress of everyday life we never take time to be purely kind. Join me in making this important day global.

The World Kindness Movement

The World Kindness Movement is an organization that promotes events in your community and around the world involving kindness. To become a member all you need to do is visit the link above.