Bill Clinton

By: Alex Pinneaux


Born: William Jefferson Blythe III
August 19, 1946 (age 67)
Hope, Arkansas, U.S.

Career before presidency:

40th and 42nd governor of Arkansas

50th attorney general of Arkansas

Career as president:

First president to send an email


Welfare reform

Budget surplus of $236 Billion by 2000

Life after Presidency:

Continues to be active in politics

Supports the Obama administration heavily

3 major achievements & 3 failures

  1. Longest period of peacetime and economic prosperity in American history
  2. Don't ask, Don't tell
  3. NAFTA

  • Whitewater controversy
  • White House FBI files controversy
  • Lewinski scandal


During: 40's and 50's

After: High 50's and 60's

Campaign slogan

Building a bridge to the 21st century

Members of cabinet

Secretary of State

Warren M. Christopher, 1993
Madeleine Albright, 1996

Secretary of the Treasury

Lloyd Bentsen, 1993
Robert E. Rubin, 1995–1999
Lawrence H. Summers, 1999

Secretary of Defense

Les Aspin, 1993
William J. Perry, 1994
William S. Cohen, 1997

Attorney General

Janet Reno, 1993

Secretary of the Interior

Bruce Babbitt, 1993

Secretary of Agriculture

Mike Espy, 1993
Dan Glickman, 1995

Secretary of Commerce

Ronald H. Brown, 1993
Mickey Kantor, 1996
William M. Daley, 1997
Norman Y. Mineta, 2000

Secretary of Labor

Robert B. Reich, 1993
Alexis Herman, 1997

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Donna E. Shalala, 1993

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Henry G. Cisneros, 1993
Andrew M. Cuomo, 1997

Secretary of Transportation

Federico F. Pena, 1993
Rodney Slater, 1997

Secretary of Energy

Hazel R. O'Leary, 1993
Frederico F. Pena, 1997
Bill Richardson, 1998

Secretary of Education

Richard W. Riley, 1993

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Jesse Brown, 1993
Togo D. West, Jr., 1998

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I think Clinton would be very capable of leading our country today. He's good at making people feel hopeful, and he's a respectable diplomat in foreign and domestic affairs.