Ancient Chinese Contributions

They helped us a hecka lot.


The Ancient Chinese were a very advanced society. They harboured very skilled scientists, thinkers and innovators. They gave us Paper, Gunpowder, Compasses and Printing. Paper is an important part of human culture. Before computers paper was the only non-cerebral place to store information. Without paper many ideas, thoughts, stories and art would be lost. The very thing that governs America is paper-based. Paper is used everyday by most everyone, and affects modern society very much. Gunpowder is used all the time and has affected society for better or for worse. Without gunpowder warfare would be extremely different; no explosives, no guns, no cannons. Also gunpowder is used in fireworks. A beautiful display of colors and sounds. 4th of July would be drastically different without gunpower-based fireworks. If China never invented the compass who knows how the world would be today. How would navigation be today. Would all the land masses even be discovered. It is crazy to think about. The compass has changed our lives a lot. Without printing many documents wouldn't be saved. At least not nearly as fast. Printing increased the amount of information stored. The speed of storing would never come close to as fast as it was being created without printing. Printing helped spur lots of historical events.


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