The Odyssey

"twenty years gone, and I am back again..."

The odyssey

She walked, taking form of a tall woman, handsome and clever at her craft, and stood beyond the gate in plain sight of Odysseus. IMAGERY

I swear you were in rags and old, and here you stand like one of the mortals. SIMILE.

That is a charm Athena, Hope of soldiers uses as she will; she has the knack to make me seem a beggar man sometimes. SIMILE.

Making his cloak pure white

Then Odysseus reappeared-his son was thunderstruck. Fear in his eyes he looked down in a way as though it were a god and whispered stranger you are no longer what you were just now. IMAGERY

The lord Odysseus was taking his son for a god and everybody starts fighting. CONFLICT.

Hunter Love, Katelyn Craver, Sean Butler