Winslow's Weekly Update

Looking Ahead in Room B-4


We are in Week 3 of Unit 9 this week. We have our next Reader's Theater which will be Itsy Bitsy Climbs Again. The phonics focus will be the variant vowel /oo/ (book, foot, could, push...)

We have been working hard on writing our informational reports. They are coming along and we look forward to sharing them with our class.

Junior Achievement

We have finished the 5 week course in Junior Achievement. Mr. Jim did a fabulous job teaching my students about families, neighborhoods, wants/needs, goods/services, jobs, money and being an entrepreneurs. This week the kids had to think of a service they might want to have some day in their community. It was fun to listen to their thoughts! He passed out diplomas to congratulate the kids on a job completed! We even put on the Pomp and Circumstance song!

Important News

***We have our last round of Art Switch this week. We will learn about shapes, free form shapes and overlapping shapes.

***On Wednesday, we will have our Fun Run Pep Rally with the Apex Fun Run coaches. They will kick off this last fundraiser by having a pep rally for the school. This will help get us all excited about the fun run! On Thursday a coach will start to come to our room each day and have a team huddle with my class. Look for more information to come home soon.

***On Friday, we will attend a band concert in the gym. We will listen to some of the Rice Lake kids play their instruments and showcase their hard work.

Monday- Music Tuesday- PE Wednesday- Music Thursday- PE Friday- Music