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February 2015

New Non-fiction Organization

As I have gotten used to the books in the library, I decided that the students were always having trouble finding books in the non-fiction section. With the help of parent volunteers, we have categorized the books into sections. This should also help you find books too! We also plan to start a new section for chapter book series as some series are scattered all over the Fiction section due to different authors.
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4th Grade and HSE 21 team visits SCI!

The 4th grade teachers and HSE 21 team got to head next door to see the 1:1 HSE 21 initiative in action. We learned so much by seeing this first hand and it made us excited for when our kids will have devices. Here are a few observations we made:

  • Kids were constantly engaged. There was rarely a student we saw that was not working on the task!
  • Students were able to pick what avenue they wanted to look something up and create an outcome for a project. For example, a 6th grade Social Studies class was studying about the Roman Empire and they had to make a poster using any app they could as long as it included the important information.
  • Students are able to take quizzes more than once so that they master the concept before taking a larger test.
  • Most teachers use Blackboard to front load the materials students will need. Blackboard even grades things for the teachers!
  • Students are problem solving using digital learning.

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Fishers High School Collaboration

A Freshman English Teacher contacted Jennifer and I to do a project with 2 classes about conflict/resolution. The class is reading Romeo and Juliet and wanted to branch out and relate that to our kids. Art Letzler and Karie Braca have welcomed these classes and have already Face Timed and met face to face. We will update you on the progress but so far the kids are really excited!
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Looking for Help

I am looking for someone to help me with the scrolling announcements! I think they are a great way to reach the kids during lunch but I am clearly needing help since they did not happen the last 2 weeks. Let me know!

Grandparent's (Special Person) Day

Mark your calendars for April 23rd and 24th for Grandparent's Day. The kids can bring a special person from 7:30-8:30 before school on either the 23rd or 24th depending on their last name. Families can have a small breakfast, listen to music, take pictures, shop at the bookfair and visit classrooms. I will be sending out more information as we approach these dates.

Apple TV's

If you notice that your room number is not showing up on your Apple TV, then you probably need to update it. Turn on the Apple TV, but do not do anything on your iPad. If it asks you if you want to update it, then please do!


I think there may be some confusion about wi-fi. Students can also login to CORP. If you have students bringing their own devices, they can use CORP with their normal computer login information. With the number of wi-fi ports, if all of your students have a device, it is unlikely things will be fast. Please keep that in mind.

As Always....

Let me know how I can help you! Happy Valentine's Day!