By: Melanie Leal


A hurricane is a storm with violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean.

How does a hurricane form?

A hurricane forms when hot tropical waters are react with areas of low atmospheric pressure. The water begins to quickly evaporate and condense, creating rotation and the defined center or eye of the storm.

Where does it often happen?

They often form near the equator over warm ocean waters.

How often does a hurricane happen?

It happens often once a year

How can you prepare for a hurricane?

First you should have some candles or flash light, because the hurricane can cause the light to go out.

You should also have extra water and food.

Blankets, is what you also need, because the weather can drop the temperature, and you'll get cold.

You and your family should all sleep in one room, because its better to together, just in case something happens.