The Amazing World of Coding Talent!

If i didnt know how to code i wouldn't be typing this at all

When coding it can be a special thing to learn

In learning coding it's not only computer work it's also a new language but for machines to understand and it's a privilege not a right to do because there's kids that can't do it.

Another tpye of coding

hex coding is like color and you type something like this #0000 and get black and #FFFF to get the bright white but also that is mainly about how web pages have color all because of hex coding and maybe if I work hard my teacher Mrs.Lundin will be happy and I might be able to do hex for my own web page about coding but for now I'll stick with the basics.
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what is coding?

The process of assigning a code to something for the purposes of classification or identification. but that's just the definition there's a lot more to it than that there's also jobs like a hard is medical billing and coding and they earn lots of money for example the picture below is how much they earn and prepare to be amazed with it.
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