Southern Colonies

By: Owen Rourke

The Economy of the Southern Colonies

The Jobs that made money were trading and selling crops. There were many trading opportunities. What was traded was cotton, tobacco and rice for; farm tools,lace and dishes. Slavery in the south was ok because slaves were not really considered people. Some plantation owners justified slavery with the "Positive Good Theory" This theory was that the plantation owners were saving the slaves' souls by baptizing them then they would go to heaven so it was ok to treat them so poorly in this life.


The body of water that is to the east of the Southern Colonies is the Atlantic Ocean. The Appalachian mountains are to west, Maryland is to the north, and Georgia is to the south. The names of each colony in the region is Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina and Georgia. The weather there is warm and wet.

Southern Colonies


The religious groups that settled there was Anglican and Baptist. There was religious freedom as long you were Christian. Maryland was a safe place for Roman Catholics.
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People who live near the colonies are Conoy, Asstegue, Creek Cherokee Yamasee, Catawba, Cherokee , Hatteras, Cherokee, Catawba , Etal and Powhattan Indians.

The colony of Maryland was founded by Sir George Calvert. Georgia was founded by James Ogletorpe. Carolinas were founded by 8 English nobles. Virginia was founded by the London Company.

Each colony started in different years. Virgina started in 1607. Maryland started in 1632. North Carolina was started in 1663. South Carolina started in 1712. Georgia started in 1733.

Maryland was started to be a safe haven for Catholics. Virginia was started as the first English settlement. North and South Carolina was started to make money. Georgia was started as a Debtor colony buffer against Spanish ans French colonies.

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Why you should live in the Southern Colonies

You should live in the southern colony because there is longer growing season and you are close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a land of rich tradition and they are famous for good food and Southern hospitality.