Fifth Grade Flash

March 24, 2016


Important Reminders For the STAAR

Next Tuesday, March 29th, and Wednesday, March 30th, CES will be administering the STAAR test in fourth grade and fifth grade. The campus will be closed to all visitors. No parent volunteers will be allowed that day and parents may not eat lunch with their child. We will see you on the 31st!

School Transfers

The window has opened for anyone wanting a transfer to another school for next year. Go to the GCISD web site and look to the right. Under the Rachel's Challenge 5k sign up, there is a box that links to the online transfer request. The window is open from March 21 until April 22. There are two other summer windows also.

STAAR Test Dates

Please do not make any appointments for your fifth grader on these dates. The first two STAAR dates are in March. Science is in May.

  • Math STAAR, Tuesday, March 29th
  • Reading STAAR, Wednesday, March 30th
  • Science STAAR, Wednesday, May 11th


Students that are currently taking their iPads home daily, please remember your signed Trust Card:

  • iPads must return to school EACH DAY and fully charged.
  • Apps are not to be loaded without teacher approval!

CMS 6th Grade Pre-Athletics Info

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2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration and Round Up

Kindergarten Registration for the 2016-2017 school year will begin on Monday, April 25, and run through the end of May. Colleyville Elementary will have their Kindergarten Round Up on Tuesday, April 26, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please spread the word in the community, so that we have all of our incoming kindergarten students registered and ready to go for next year!

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We will continue with Greek and Latin roots.

Language Arts: We are working on strategies for narrative writing. We will begin investigating different types of verbs. Spelling tests will continue after STAAR.

Social Studies: We are continuing with the Civil War. Generals, battles, and strategies are being discussed.

Math: We will be applying area, perimeter, and volume strategies to everyday situations.

Science: We will complete our Force, Motion, and Energy unit this week.

Save the Date!

Be sure to check the dates below. There are many important dates coming your way concerning programs available for next year and middle school in general.

March 25 - No School

March 28 - Mad Science Club 2:50

March 29 - Fifth Grade STAAR Math

March 30 - Fifth Grade STAAR Reading

March 31 - Family Yoga Night

April 4 - Mad Science Club 2:50

April 11 - Mad Science Club 2:50

April 11 - KC Club

April 16 - Rachel's Challenge Rally

GCISD Portrait of a Graduate

  1. Skilled Problem Solvers
  2. Effective Communicators
  3. Collaborative Workers
  4. Global Citizens
  5. Self-Regulated Learners