Ferdinand Magellan Sets Sail

Portuguese Man Sets Sail On The Sea!

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Magellan's Childhood

Ferdinand Magellan was born in the spring of 1480 in Portugal. When he was young, when ten years old, his parents had died in a terrible accident. So, he was brought to royalty to learn in the halls of the castle.

As A Navigator

At Magellan's mid-20s, he joined a Portuguese fleet of ships sailing toward East Africa. He had been in the Battle of Diu, where Egypt's ships were destroyed by the Portuguese in the Arabian Sea.

While participating and serving in Morocco, he got wounded, and lived the rest of his life with a limp when walking, not long after that, he was accused of trading with the Moors, strictly illegal

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The Injury

In his time, participating in Morocco, he had been injured on his leg. So whenever he walked past, he would have a limp. It was tough for him to get past, but he still stayed strong. Unfortunately, not long after that he was accused of trading with the Moors, which was strictly illegal. So it was a tough time for him, but he stayed strong.

The King's Permission

It happened in 1505, when Magellan had sailed to India on a military expedition, for he had always wanted to navigate the sea! He had heard of Christopher Columbus's journeys, after that, he wished more than anything to become a famous explorer to navigate and be the one to finally would find a shorter route to Asia.

The king of Portugal, King Manuel L, had refused to give Magellan ships and supplies to voyage to the Spice Islands. For the Portuguese still thought that the best way to Asia was around the tip of Africa. Magellan had left his home in Portugal and decided to move to Spain.

When Magellan showed his plan to the Spain king, King Charles V, he had agreed to sail back the usual route, on the tip of Africa, back to Spain. The king agreed and Magellan had set off!

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Getting Ready For Sail

Ferdinand Magellan set sail with five ships, boarding more that 260 men. They had decided to take items with them so they have something to trade with with the Native Americans, and they brought lots of food to last them about two years. He was finally sailing!
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The Strait

Magellan ships had landed at present-day Brazil on Dec. 15, in 1519. They had met Native Americans who had traded with them for food. They had gone sailing, looking for a new strait to Asia, but he had no luck.

After a long time sailing, he had found a perfect strait to go through. Magellan had decided to name that channel the All Saints Channel. Now we call it The Strait Of Magellan. After going through, he had found The South Sea. As he was sailing in the ocean, he named it the Pacific Ocean, not knowing that an explorer already named the ocean The South Sea, which was Vasco Nunez de Balboa. For a long three months, Magellan had found no land, without and food or drink, most members had to live off eating rats. Many didn't make it through, but Magellan stayed strong.


The Capitan Falls

Magellan had landed in the Philippines, while meeting friendly natives. On the morning, he had sailed to Mactan with 60 men, and got attacked by natives with a count of 1,500. He had been stabbed several times while fighting and died.

Although their captain was down, the crew members still went on. They had sailed to the East Indies and the Spice Islands and brought back enough items to just about fill their two ships. Although Ferdinand Magellan was gone, we will always remember him as the brave explorer who made the first complete expedition around the world!