Saltwater Crocodile

Isabelle 3A

A saltwater crocodile's scientific name crocdylus porosus and it's animal group is reptile.

A saltwater crocodile’s appearance is it has scaly bumpy skin. It has a long mouth with lots of sharp teeth to tear tough flesh into pieces. It starts as a tiny baby and grows into a massive adult. A saltwater crocodile lives in the beaches in northern Australia on the cost. A saltwater crocodile’s diet is marine turtles, kangaroos, water buffaloes, feral pigs and dingos. Saltwater crocodile’s do not chew there food but eat it whole. A female crocodile makes a nest and then lays up to 50 or more eggs. A saltwater crocodile has no predators but has three main dangers. The first is pollution, the second is hunters because crocodile skin is precious and the one is loss of habitat. If we stop polluting the saltwater crocodile will have a better chance of survival.