Ottomans and the Mughals

by Payton Clouser and Erica Castillo

Where? What? Who? Why? (Ottomans)

  • Ottoman:
  • The most successful ghazis was Osman, western people thought he was called Othman.
  • Osman followers were called Ottomans.
  • Osman built a little kingdom and called it Anatolia (modern day Turkey).
  • Mainly they wanted to conqueror more land to explain their kingdom.
  • They also formed alliances with other countries so they could conqueror more land.
  • They ruled different from other countries:
- Muslims were forced to serve in the army, but were not allowed to pay taxes.

- Non-Muslims payed taxes, but did not serve in the army.

  • Mehmed II:
  • Mehmed I won control, he took to be sultan. His son brought the Ottoman Empire to it's greatest glory.
  • Mehmed II took control over his dad, built a force of 100,000 soldiers, and 125 ships, to take Constantinople for the Ottoman Empire.
  • In 1453 Mehmed took control over Constantinople and named it Istanbul (the capital).


  • Babur (11 years old!):
  • 1494: he made an army, moved them to south, and actually winning large parts of India.
  • excellent general.
  • began the Mughal Empire, named after the Mongals.
  • Shah Jahan:
  • Shah meaning KING.
  • he did not follow Akbar's tolerance.
  • patron of the arts:
- most famous building: a tomb built for his wife, Taj Mahal. (heavy taxes!)

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