Get Fit at Ryan 216!

Physical Education Newsletter-April 2015


During the month of April, we will continue with our volleyball unit for our Physical Education classes. Grade seven and eight will be participating in a volleyball tournament, while the sixth grade will be playing Newcomb (a modified version of volleyball). In the weeks leading up to our tournament, different skills were taught to ready our students for game situations. Bumping, setting, serving and learning the proper rotation were some of the skills that your child experienced. The rules of the game will be explained to the students, along with different types of strategies, which they will apply to game situations. Volleyball is a game that helps with a child’s agility and hand eye coordination, while teaching them to communicate with their teammates.

Healthy Living Tips

· Be sure to wash your hands throughout the day and especially before mealtime.

· Avoid caffeinated drinks and use of tobacco.

· Remember to relax. Avoid putting yourself in stressful situations by managing your time effectively. NOT leaving projects for the last minute can reduce your level of stress.