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Convection by: Alexa Parra and Dairane Ramirez -Mazon

Convection can be around us but do we even know what it is?

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Do you think the temperature or density might matter to convection?

A hot air balloon includes convection because in the air balloon it contains air that is warmer than the surrounding air . That's an example of convection, convection means the transfer of heat that goes through the movement of fluid. Convection occurs when thermal energy is transferred through the material of a heats movement. The fluid like the air, and water heat the molecules to make fluid. Then when the heat of the molecules make fluid it will gain volume. Also if the substances start to cool and contract it will get more dense .
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Do you know how to observe convection or the other processes that use convection?

To start off, convection that you might not notice when you are boiling water , heat and air are conditioning change. After it conditions you start to see the steam from the pot. However this isn't the only process of convection, clouds, tectonic plates, and oceans are also involved in convection because tectonic plate have convection cells. Clouds have the circulation of air, and last the ocean has the water that circulates. Finally, that's why convection is so important to our world.