1. Serf In the Middle Ages

2. Serfs

A serf was a peasant that had a rough place in society. According to the medieval law, they did not even belong to themselves.

3. Feudalism

The main people were the peasants. They farmed, and they did household work. They weren't nearly the highest in society, and they had no place in government.

4. Interesting Statements

The peasants did not even "belong to" themselves, according to medieval law.

They were heavily taxed and were required to relinquish much of what they harvested.


5. Questions

Did the peasants get anything in the way of food, since they were farmers?

Did the peasants get chances to sleep, or were they continuously working?
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7. My Opinion

I feel that it was unfair that the serfs, or peasants, got almost none of the food they harvested. I feel like they should've been treated at least like the middle class, or lower class. I also feel that the serfs were needed, because there was no one else to do work, and farm. I just feel that they should've had better conditions, and been treated better.
8. Starr Johnston