Unified Arts Weekly Update

Art - Guidance - Music - Phys.Ed/Health - Technology/Library

April 6 to April 10

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Activities, Resources and Opportunities

The following resources and suggested activities are being provided to assist you with various learning activities and opportunities. Please consider having your child/ children participate in any of the below activities that spark an interest in them. These are some great activities to keep a student engaged and learning.

Art: Mr. Arthers

Guidance: Mr. Schriver

Music: Mr. Viera

Phys.Ed/Health: Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library: Mrs. Jarret

Sweet Art

As part of the integration into art history and pop art, we’re going to explore the art of Wayne Thiebaud. (pronounced Tee-bow).


Mr. Thiebaud used sweet treats as the subject of many of his paintings.

For this activity: Your goal is to create a piece of “sweet” art that is inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. It could be a cake, a slice of pie, a favorite candy, or some other sweet confection. Your choice!!


1. It needs to be a sweet treat of some kind.

2. It needs to be colored.

Send your finished art to: marthers@sad4.org

Golf Ball Animation Challenge

Using the FlipaClip app in Self-service.

Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0yGoF5jg24

A tutorial is provided in the app!

Face Mask

How to make a face mask!! See the instructions below on how you can make a face mask!


Please read Mr. Schriver's letter on why face masks are needed and where they are needed most!!

Mr. Schriver

Song Maker

Creating music is a great way for you to develop musical skills. Here is a great resource you can access on your ipads called Song Maker. Here is a short video showing how it works, and a link that will take you to the Song Maker website. Go ahead and mess around, and make sure you click the save button before you leave!

Challenge: See if you can create a song with only three different colors!

Link to Song Maker http://g.co/songmaker

Send me links to your completed songs to: eviera@sad4.org

Chrome Music Lab: Create your own songs with Song Maker

Happy Birthday World! Earth Day!

On April 22nd this year, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

There will be a live sing-along of “Happy Birthday World.” We will join students from all over the world for this event. With the isolation that we are all experiencing and Earth Day's 50th anniversary coming up, this seems like a really cool opportunity!

Here are lyrics and an Mp3 file for you. If you’d like to, go ahead and learn the song, so when April 22 comes along, you can sing along!

Evan Viera

Happy Birthday, World by Evan Viera

Phys. Ed/ Health


With your parents help and/or permission, measure out a 1 mile walk/jog/run. If you don’t have a mile, measure your driveway or around the house it really doesn’t matter. If you have a small circuit or driveway figure out the math involved.

There are 5,280 feet in one mile. For example if your driveway is 100 feet long in one direction you would have to down and back about 26 1/2 times….yikes!!!

Try and find a little longer loop or “track” and it will be much easier to count your “laps”. Your goal should be to try and improve your time a little bit each week. It’s easy in the beginning but gets harder and harder as you improve. Record your times each time you run and have fun with it. Try and get out 2-3 times each week!

Technology/Library - Check out Wonderopolis!

Check out Wonderopolis - Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease!! Each day they pose a different question, then explore to discover the answer!

Recent examples are: What is a Kinkajou? (Wonder#2554). How much does the sky weigh?(Wonder#1065).

Have a burning question you want answered? You can post a question to their Wonder Bank!!



Mrs. J

Technology/Library - Eagle Cam!!

Check out the Department of Natural Resources Live Eagle Cam. A new brood of eaglets hatched on March 15th! Located in Minnesota, the DNR Live Eagle Cam also has archived video of the eaglets hatching!


Amazing and beautiful to see!!

Mrs. J