The Wolves Den

Week of April 27th 2020 Digital Learning Edition

Some fun up and coming days to celebrate at home...

April 25 World Penguin Day- Draw a penguin and hang it in your window or draw a penguin on the sidewalk

April 26 National Pretzel Day- enjoy some pretzels today

April 27 National Tell a Story Day- Write a story, read a story or tell someone a story today

April 28 National Superhero Day- Dress up as your favorite superhero

April 29 Denim Day- Wear your jeans with a purpose and support victims of sexual assault

April 30 National Oatmeal Cookie Day- Bake and Enjoy some oatmeal cookies with your family

April 30 Hairstyle Appreciation Day- Send a thank you message to the person that cuts your hair and makes it look beautiful

May 1 May Day

May 2 National Fitness Day- workout with your family. Use one of the apps Mrs. Delsman shared

May 3 National 2 Different Color Shoes Day- wear 2 different shoes today

Week of April 27th we will be sharing videos focused on finding joy around sense of wonder. Mrs. Johannes and Ms. Gleason has put together this challenge for our students.

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Our Continued Goal

  1. Continue to connect with our students and their families.
  2. Continue to support students through distance learning
  3. Provide specific feedback to students and families about student progress.
  4. Provide frequent communication in order to keep our staff, students, families, and community connected.

Message from our School Nurses

Our nurses are available to support our families and guide them with medical questions and concerns they may have. They are on Facebook and can be messaged with any questions you all have.

We want your feedback!

Parents we would love to hear how this distance learning is going for you and your children. Would you please take this short survey to help us moving forward in this time of #SaferAtHome Thank you so much.
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We Appreciate Your Feedback- Thank You

Parents, we know how distance learning has changed your families' lives over the past four weeks. For many of us the changes have brought on a variety of feelings--sadness, frustration, anger, fear, and even joy (as we get the hang of this). You are not alone. As administrators, we know what it is like to juggle between work, family time, and supporting our children in their education. Many of our educators are experiencing the same life style. We want you to know each week, we reflect on how things are going. We use your feedback and teacher feedback to help us make adjustments to continue to make distance learning the best it can be.

Your feedback last week showed these common themes:

  • You appreciate the communication and want it to continue.

  • Instructional videos are appreciated and helpful. We shared your appreciation and teachers are going to continue to try to incorporate videos into their classrooms.

  • You appreciate short, clear directions. We recognize the importance to make directions clear and concise, to ensure students can follow them easily.

Thank you again for providing feedback each week. Your constructive feedback allows us to make adjustments to improve our distance learning model. Your words of encouragement are always uplifting for our staff to hear. They are working incredibly hard to make learning and engagement a priority. They want more than anything to connect with your children.

Feedback VS. Grades

Why Not Grades?

When our State closed our school buildings, districts needed to think about providing equitable opportunities to all students, while not penalizing students who struggle to engage. This is an unprecedented time and everyone is doing the best they can given the situation they are in. Knowing that, MPSD decided to focus on providing constructive feedback to students with a focus on learning rather than focusing on a grade.

What Does This Look Like?

Teachers are working hard to offer engaging learning opportunities to all of their students. When students return their work, rather than assigning a grade, the teacher will offer feedback. They will let students know what they are doing well and what they can do to improve their work. This is a growth model for learning. It gives students opportunities to take their teachers feedback and apply it to their work.

How Do I Know How My Child is Doing?

Many of you have asked why we are not using IC. We are trying to streamline the process so students and parents only have to look at one platform, especially given our focus on feedback. The Guardian Summaries that are provided are a great tool to see what your child has been assigned and if their is missing work. Some of you are concerned that the report comes out later in the day. We want you to know, it is alright if you find out later in the day that your child missed something. If that happens, have him or her start with that the next morning to get caught up. We have even experienced this with our own children. In addition, we would recommend sitting down with your student 1-2 times a week to go over the work the teachers have returned. This will allow you to see the individual feedback teachers have given. It also allows you to see videos or emails teachers may have sent with feedback. By doing this with your child, you will have a clear picture of how he/she is doing and what they can do to continue to make progress.

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things." --- PLATO

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Manitowoc Public Library is Hosting:

Battle of the Books Preview (7th-12thGrade)

Learn about the Battle of the Books and what books were picked for this years competition! Find out more about Battle of the Books and sign up for the MPL team.

Teen Locked-In Lock-In: Friday, May 1 at 8 PM

All the fun of Teen Lock-Ins without leaving your home! Meet-up with fellow library teens virtually and enjoy fun activities. No webcam or microphone required! For ages 11-18 only. Pre-registration is required. Visit our new teen Instagram @mpl.teen for details and news!

Tips For Distance Learning

  1. Create a schedule for your children.
  2. Turn off the News and Talk. The news can be upsetting, especially to our children. Continue to let your children know it is okay to feel however they are feeling. PBS News Hour- is news that is appropriate for kids grades 6-12
  3. Stay Connected with Family and Friends. Here is a list of ideas!
  4. Enjoy the family time. Ideas to stay Healthy, Educated, and Entertained at this time.
  5. Be patient & give each other grace.
  6. Stumped? Turn it over to the teachers: Have your child email the teachers.
  7. Check in With Teachers: Periodically, check in with teachers if your child is struggling.
  8. Just Start Today: Take away the pressure and overwhelming feeling. Some kids may have many assignments piling up and they don't know where to even begin. Tell them to just Start Today! Start with the lessons that are posted for today. Don't worry about the lessons from the past days or even weeks.