February 2016

What's Happening in PACE?

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First Grade

First Graders are practicing their research and Power Point skills.

Second Grade

In the book "Weslandia", the main character, Wesley, creates his own civilization. After reading the book, the students created their own civilization. They brainstormed the clothing, shelter, crops, animals, and sports in their land. Afterwards, they made a brochure to explain their civilization to the rest of the class.

Third Grade

Third graders have been busy locating information from a variety of sources on nearby galaxies. They are researching the galaxy's distance in light years away from Earth, the date of discovery, the size and location information, and other interesting facts. They will be presenting their information to the rest of the class this week.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have been analyzing floor plans, and they created one of their own. Their floor plan was designed for a fictional family, the Carpenters. The students also calculated the cost of the Carpenter house based on cost factors given to them.

Fifth Grade

This week, the students have researched companies that they are considering purchasing stock in. We discussed how we can do our research, but in the end, our stock choices are all a gamble. Since stock prices are controlled by supply and demand, we have no idea what other people are out there buying. We can only become educated about it through research and hope that we make good decisions. The stock market simulation will begin in the next few weeks, and the groups will invest their "$100,000". It is going to be exciting!