Bearcat Brief

March 6, 2018

Notes from Niki

March is already upon us. That means we are just about a month away from GLA testing. I know your classes are working hard to prepare and I was glad to see people take advantage of the GLA practice not just for testing practice, but also using it instructionally. We also have building improvement committees in the midst of building skill and will for us moving forward. I look forward to upcoming reports from RTI and Standards Based Assessment.

There are lots of timetables below for you to consider. Please read the rest of the brief carefully.

Read-In Day Schedule

We will follow the schedule below for Read-In Day. There will not be Friday Free Ride.

1st Period: 8-8:58 (full period to allow for advisory and speakers)

2nd Period: 9:02-9:38

3rd Period: 9:42-10:18

4th Period: 10:22-11:00

11:00-12:15 -- Assembly / Lunch / Workshops

Bearcat : 12:15-12:45

5th Period: 12:49-1:35

6th Period: 1:39-2:22

7th Period: 2:26-3:15 (high school students leading Bring Your Own Book)

Schedule for PD Day March 12

8:00- 9:00: Mini Sessions @ HMS

9:00- 12:00: Building PD

  • PBIS Presentation
  • Time with building committees to give feedback on PBIS (1st priority) work on building improvement committee agenda items
  • Come back together for PBIS discussion, presentation of staffing considerations for 2018-19, and GLA testing schedule

12:00- 1:00- Lunch

1:00-3:30- BYOC

Possible GLA Testing Schedules

Please consider the schedule options. We will discuss testing at the end of our building PD time on Monday.

Schedule A:

7:59- 8:09 Advisory

8:10- 9:50 ELA Session 1 in all areas

9:54- 10:34 1st Hour

10:38- 11:18 2nd Hour

Skip 3rd Hour and BCT

Resume Normal Schedule with 4th Hour

Advantages- afternoon schedule remains intact and doesn't affect shared teachers, morning classes still have a significant amount of time, allows a little more time for testing

Drawbacks- skipping 3rd hour means some people would miss their prep and you wouldn't see that group of kids for whatever review or lesson

Schedule B

7:59- 8:09 Advisory

8:10- 9:40 ELA Session 1 in all areas

9:44- 10:24- 1st Hour

10:28- 11:08- 2nd Hour

11:12-11:33- A Lunch

11:37- 12:17- A 4th Hour

11:12- 11:52- B 4th Hour

11:56- 12:17- B Lunch

12:21- 1:01- 3rd Hour

1:05- 1:45- 5th Hour

1:49- 2:29- 6th Hour

2:33- 3:15- 7th Hour

Advantages- Equity in prep hours, see all kids

afternoon schedule remains intact and doesn't affect shared teachers, morning classes still have a significant amount of time, allows a little more time for testing

Drawbacks- altered schedule affects kids with executive functioning issues, all classes are reduced to 40 minutes, coverage required for 3rd Hour choir

Schedule A or Schedule B will be run on the first day of testing. After that, students will all test in their regularly scheduled classes. We will begin working on a Special Education testing schedule to minimize the use of the "holding room" and take advantage of student testing being spread out over the schedule.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


March 2- Families In Action Dance @HMS

March 5- 9- National School Breakfast Week

March 5-9- National School Social Work Week

March 5- PBIS Leadership Team Training @Heart of Missouri RPDC

March 5- 7th and 8th-Grade Volleyball vs. Pacific, 5:30

Gate- Ash

March 6- Statewide Tornado Drill- we will practice everyone getting to the interior rooms in the 5th-grade hallway

March 6- Choir Concert, 7:00

March 8- Science Fair Work Night (tentative)

March 8- 7th and 8th-Grade Girls Volleyball@ St. Clair Middle School, 12:30

March 8- School Board Meeting

March 9- Read-In Day, Dress like your favorite book character, lunch with loved ones... See Google folder for more information

March 10- 7th Grade Volleyball Tournament @ Washington, 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament @ Owensville

March 9-16- Scholastic Book Fair

March 12- Professional Development Day (We should have an hour or so of building time to work in building improvement committees. Chairs, please plan for this.)

March 13- 7/8 Grade Volleyball vs. St. James, 5:30

Gate- Engemann

March 14- Band Concert, 7:00

March 15- 7th and 8th-Grade Girls Volleyball @ Bland, 5:30

March 19- 7th and 8th-Grade Girls Volleyball @ Washington, 5:30

March 20- 7th and 8th-Grade Girls Volleyball vs. Sullivan, 5:30

Gate- Heaney

March 22- 7th and 8th-Grade Girls Volleyball @ New Haven, 5:30

March 22-24- Spring Play @HHS

March 23- Student of the Month Assembly- Positive Work Ethic, preview citizenship with FCCLA presenting

March 28- Fire Drill

March 28- Student Council Meeting, 3:15- 5:00

March 29- April 2: Easter Break


April 3- 7/8 Track @Union Quad

April 5- HMS Student Showcase, 5:00- 6:30

April 6- HMS Track Relays

Gate- Tara and Betsy

April 9- 7/8 Track @Pacific Quad

April 10- Faculty Meeting, 7:30

April 11- Tentative Date for Required Insurance Meeting

April 12- 7/8 Track @Owensville

April 12- Board of Education Meeting