Understanding Preschoolers Emotions

Maryssa J.

How to manage all of your preschoolers emotions:

Preschoolers tend to be overwhelmed with their own emotions. This usually stems from not understanding why or what that particular emotion is. Help your child understand emotions by explaining how you, a stranger, or even your child are feeling at times and why, will help them better understand emotions all together. Explain to them why they might feel a certain way and ways to fix it if they are angry or sad or ways to become/stay happy. Explaining emotions to your preschooler also strengthens and widens their vocabulary. By doing this you can help prevent future meltdowns or tantrums when they are beginning because your child already knows what that emotion is so they can better control it.

Why should you help your preschooler with their emotions?

Benefits of Teaching Emotions:

Kids who have a better understanding of their emotions tend to manage frustration better, don't get involved in fights, show less destructive behavior, are healthier, less lonely, less impulsive, and more focused overall. Make sure that you talk to your child's teacher at school to see what they are doing to help students with their emotions. Since they spend so much time at school, practicing and learning about their emotions will overall help your child in the long run and teach them to start showing empathy for others. For more information, read the Backpack connection series at www.challengingbehavior.org