Monkeys with Doodles!

What are Modoodles!

Modoodles are doodles of Monkeys that come to life with the swipe of a pencil. All you have to do is use the monkey templates and trace them out then you color the doodles however you want with our special markers. Once they are done you take the magic pencil, turn it on then hold it over the doodle and they will come to life and dance!
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Only $5.99

WHY buy Modoodles!

Modoodles are a kid safe product with cool graphics. Modoodles allow kids to doodle monkeys and use the special markers to color them in once you color them you use the magic pencil and watch them come to life. Kids are always wanting their drawings to come to life and now they can.

Modoodles is AWESOME!!

Modoodles will make your boredom disappear!