Where I Stand

By Evan McKay


Consumption Efficiency

Canada's government is debating on our energy consumption, and it's effects.

Canada is one of the leading energy consumers in the world. The government thinks that more focus should be put on the efficiency of creating and using energy since the way that we use our energy presently is very wasteful, and could be used for more important things such as Agriculture, which only has about 2% of general usage.

(See diagram below)

I think that the energy that we use should be more focused on our natural resources, such as water, air, and solar. If we can use all these together, we can reduce the economical footprint that we leave on the environment. From the diagram below, needless to say that the amount of energy being used on other products is excessive and should be used for the more major things such as Agriculture and residential areas.

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Cost and usage

Canada is the leading user of energy in the world. In Ontario an average citizen uses 12,000 KwH/Year, which costs about $990 per year.

The Green Ontario News group shows us about the usage of each type of energy we use. In 2010 Canadians have used 59% Hydro, 13% coal, 9%, Natural Gas, 1% Petroleum, 14% Nuclear, and 4% Renewable.

In 2013, Canadians have used 37% Nuclear energy, 29% coal and fuel, 26% Hydro energy, 7% Natural gas, and 1% Wind, Solar, or Biomass. This is a significant acceleration in the use of more energy efficient sources, which cause more pollution, than less efficient sources, which mostly are less pollutant.

Canadian governments are trying to make an effort on creating more Wind or Solar energy-type areas so that we use less uranium in making Nuclear energy, or less petroleum in factories.

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Health Care

Government Efforts

The Ontario Ministry of Health provides insight on the future of health care by intergrading a system in which Canadians will receive quick responses to their needs and provide coordinate and economic care. The Ministry is also planning to produce better quality ensuring that the care that citizens receive more outcomes.

Third Party Efforts

Health Canada is an organization that promotes the awareness of certain health hazards and facts, such as Tobacco, Diseases, Drug prevention, etc...

Health Canada travels all across Canada and presents to educate Canada about these hazards and how to prevent them.

Health care should be one of our top priorities in our country, and people deserve the healthcare benefits quickly that they so expect to have. I think that the health care in Ontario is better than most of the countries, but it could be improved with the amount of citizens we have and the service we can provide.

But, the problems are mostly included with the pay of certain positions in the healthcare industry. The government should increase the pay that seems unequal, and therefore that would increase the amount of popularity of jobs within healthcare services.

Sports and Recreation


Although sports and recreation in Ontario are fairly popular, some areas do not get the required equipment or education needed to play sports or do recreational activities. From this the government has started a fund for those who do not have the privilege to do so.

The organization has already started:

  • Encouraging the inactive population to become more active
  • Help to develop fundamental movement skills in individuals
  • Support accessible, safe and high quality programs
  • Remove barriers and improve accessibility to opportunities for target populations
  • Enhance outreach and engagement with communities to meet their identified needs
Building Active and Healthy Communities
Sports and recreation are good in which they encourage others to cooperate with others and develop skills. By giving the young teens a opportunity to play organized events allows them to have opportunities that they have never had before. It also improves their social and physical lives strong.