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Nutrisystem was established nearly forty years ago as a company dedicated to helping people out with losing weight and keeping that weight off. The company started by offering weight loss counseling services in physical locations and today has evolved into an online weight loss service provider that will help you out with getting the right foods for all of your weight loss needs.

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Nutrisystem Review

The way the Nutrisystem diet program works is easy to see. What happens here is that you can order a series of food products from Nutrisystem and then use them to your weight loss advantage. Specifically, you’ll order a series of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals in your diet program. This often comes in a 28-day order that comes to your door and includes many easy to prepare entrees for each part of the day.

The reason why these foods are so useful for your diet is that they are designed with the glycemic index in mind. This is used to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you will not feel hungry during the day. It’s also to help facilitate a healthy metabolic rate within your body. This should work well for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrisystem has more than 150 different foods for you to choose from. You can choose from many breakfast entrees like oatmeal, granola bars, egg white biscuits and cinnamon streusel muffins. You can then go with a great lunch like chicken parmesan pasta and home-style chicken soup. You could also go with a dinner that features options like chicken enchiladas and chili soups.

All foods are made with less sodium and sugar than other options you’d typically find in stores. Also, there are no trans fats, MSG, high fructose corn syrup or appetite suppressants found in them. This is all to keep your body safe.

A Good Number of Support Features

You’ll get all sorts of different things from Nutrisystem to help you out with keeping your diet intact. You can take a look at different protein drinks from Nutrisystem as great snacks to have in between meals, for instance. You’ll also get a full guide that covers points relating to things like the right produce and organic food products to order when you’re at a supermarket so you can stay healthy and on a good diet at all times.

You’ll also learn through the program about how to maintain your weight loss. The maintenance program in the Nutrisystem setup will help you out with working to build new habits and routines to keep you from gaining your weight back. In addition, you can order the A La Carte products from Nutrisystem to help you stay on track by using all sorts of individual meals of use to you.

What the Fast 5 Kit Entails

The Fast 5 Kit is a big part of the Nutrisystem program that is especially useful. This is a brand new feature of the program for 2014 that will provide you with a great way to get started.

First, you’ll receive seven breakfasts, lunches and dinners in this setup. These include options that Nutrisystem has selected to help you out with getting started the right way to a better life.

In addition, you will also get seven EnergiZING shakes that will help you out with improving your body’s metabolic rate. These shakes are especially easy for you to consume and mix.

You’ll also get seven Craving Crusher shakes in the Fast 5 Kit. These are designed to provide you with fiber and healthy carbohydrates to keep you from being too hungry.

This all comes with a meal tracker that will help you out with reviewing your plans. You’ll get this and the rest of the features in the Fast 5 Kit for free when you complete a 28-day Auto-Delivery order. This is ideal for you to use when trying to start the program.
The Fast 5 name comes from how you can lose five pounds in the course of your first week on the program. It’s an amazing feature that will help you to get on the right path.

Nutrisystem “My Way”

The My Way feature of the Nutrisystem program will allow you to figure out what foods you might want to enjoy. You’ll use this feature to choose the foods that you want to enjoy while on the diet.

You can also use the Weekends and Dinners My Way options where you’ll be able to choose whatever you’re looking to eat for a dinner or during the weekend. This can be ideal as you’ll be able to use your new eating habits and concepts for finding the right foods to eat. This makes it a little easier for you to get a little more variety out of your diet.

Current Nutrisystem Discounts

Nutrisystem has a number of discounts that you can use today when looking for a way to get into this program without spending more money than needed. If you order a 28-day Auto-Delivery program from Nutrisystem then you’ll save 25% or more on your order depending on what you get. For instance, if you order a Core program then you can pay just $299 for the entire order. This is a discount from the $449 that Nutrisystem typically charges.

You’ll also get the Fast 5 Kit for free no matter what you order. This goes for not only the Core programs for men or women but also for vegetarian plans.

Also, the Diabetes Plans will provide you with a single week of foods for free when you order a 28-day package for the first time. A Core program for 28 days will go for $309, a discount from the $462 that Nutrisystem typically charges.

If you take a look at the Nutrisystem program then you’ll see how you can easily lose weight without any problems. You can use this program to get access to all sorts of helpful food items that will make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off. It not only offers a good variety of foods to choose from but also a great plan that will make it easier for you to stick with your diet.

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