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In an abandoned house at the outskirts of a small town, an unidentified body has been found. Can you help Kommissar Harald Baumgartner and his colleague Katharina Momsen solve this case and improve your vocabulary along the way?

Learning German through Storytelling Mord Am Morgen - a detective story for German language learners

Learning German Has Never Been More Fun

This book is a detective story especially written for German learners. Not only does it invite readers to help solve a crime but also to pick up important Krimi vocabulary that can serve as a preparation for watching series such as Tatort (a German cult Krimi series) and many others in the original.
Each chapter contains a selection of relevant words translated into English, and is followed by questions regarding the content. (The correct answers are to be found at the end of the book.)
While the writing itself primarily aims at an entertaining and interactive experience, the language is specially designed to familiarize the reader with unique forms of spoken German, with an emphasis on dialogue and the daily culture of speech.

  • includes vocabulary with difficult and important words translated to English
  • ready for on-demand translation (only available on physical Kindle devices)
  • includes exercises for comprehension training
  • hand-drawn illustrations by the author

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Don't like Electronic Books?

No worries. This book and all others in this series by André Klein are also available as paperback edition.

About The Author

André Klein was born in Germany, has grown up and lived in many different places including Thailand, Sweden and Israel. He has produced two music albums, performed and organized literary readings, curated an experimental television program and is the author of various short stories and non-fiction works.

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