Tim Berners-Lee

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an English computer scientist known as the inventor of the world wide web
Information Pioneers: Sir Tim Berners-Lee


Born in june 8th 1995, London

Parents are Conway and Mary Berners Lee

He invented the world wide web (www) in the 25th December 1990 with help from a universecity student

he invented the iternet by useing hypertext

since he created the world wide web he was anounced the man incharge of it and has been knighted as well as a few other things

ever since he created the www he has changed the future entirely for people everywhere being telling people here of other peoples needs of just making sombody laugh but he has done well

he now works at plymouth universcity

when he stared in the olyimpics opening cerimony his messege was the internet have become part of everyday life

if you want to ask him some questions here is his twitter https://twitter.com/timberners_lee