Classroom Edmodo

An Educational Social Network

Dear Parents,

While we here at Taipei American School discourage student use of Facebook during school hours that does not mean that social networking websites do not provide great academic opportunities. The major problem with Facebook has been the lack of security of what students see and who has access to what is posted.

Edmodo, however, is a website designed to function much like Facebook, but it has far greater security and privacy setting. In Edmodo, teachers create a group page and invite all students to participate. Only those people who are invited by the teacher have access to the page.

Therefore, we will be using an Edmodo page on a daily basis in our 8th grade English and History classrooms. We will be posting all daily assignments on the page; likewise, students can then post questions about the assignments in order to receive answers from a teacher or other students.

We highly encourage you to ask you student to see the Edmodo page in the coming weeks and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely -

Mr. Lindert, Mr. Fox, and Ms. Rowe