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Shutdown Update for our students

Mr. Bakke's Fire Side Chat #3 3/20/20

Find The One Thing

Hey Trojans,

I was shared a short video linked below called "Rooted In Love," it was made just a few days ago and is specific to the COVID-19 situation. It is 5 minutes long. It is amazing and I'd really appreciate it if you would watch it.

My take away, find the one thing. With so much taken away, some of us might be fortunate enough to have time to perhaps do something that you don't normally have time for. It really made me think and ponder for myself that when this whole thing is over, and it will end at some point, what was my one thing that I did that was impactful, or different, or helped me grow, or is something I've always wanted to do but didn't have the time, or strengthened relationships?

Please take a second a read through the info below, I'll be in touch next week!

Get 'em-

Mr. Bakke

Ep.6.19.5 Rooted In Love

Seniors: Get your Fife Scholarship Application in!!

Here is the link to the Fife Scholarship Foundation Application. Please get this in, the deadline is still April 17th. LINK HERE

More Senior Info!

  • There are also many questions and concerns about graduation and other requirements for the 2020 senior class. We are working with the state on all the details around the senior class, graduation, etc.
  • Additionally, OSPI and the State Board of Education will be providing our first guidance with regard to graduation requirement issues on Monday March 23rd. This will be the first step in answering these questions and concerns.
  • Be assured, we will guide all seniors toward graduation and our students will not be negatively impacted as a result of events beyond their control. That is our commitment to you and our senior class!

Virtual Assembly (45 Minutes)

I am not sure if you saw the Virtual Assembly on Friday, led by Houston Kraft, who is one of the top student speakers in the country. If not, here is a chance for you to check it out, you will need to "subscribe in order to view" but it was really inspiring and might be something you are interested in.
VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY: The Practice of Love

Take the Kindness Challenge

Trojans! A few days ago I started participating in the Kindness challenge, one act of kindness practice a day. On this page linked below, you can download a journal page, a socially shareable image, and watch the daily video. Might be something your interested in. I find that if you can figure out a way to help people it makes make this more tolerable.

You can tag your posts with #deepkindness

Kindness Challenge

Some quick reminders for you... the facts

  • If you are wanting to find activities you can be doing to enhance your learning, in Monday the district is releasing a new website which is a resource page for teachers, students and parents. To be clear, at this point in time, this is not new learning or new lessons.
  • Over the next 5 weeks of this shut down, we are hoping to grow this into lessons from teachers or something more advanced. However, we also need to make sure ALL students have access to this learning and equity is achieved. Be on the lookout Monday for more information in this area.

Fife Feeds Info...

There have been some changes to the meal program!

  • We ave combine routes and set a variety of locations where our buses can pull over to distribute meals safely.
  • The final locations will be at Discovery, Hedden and Fife High School.
  • The new routes will start later in the morning but still go into as many neighborhoods as we can.
  • The stops for our new MAIN routes are in the flyer below...

Big picture

Mr. Bakke's Streaming Selections of the Week:

I am in a World War 2 mood these days, every year I try to watch Band of Brothers. Its a story about the 101st Airborne, a group of soldiers who were like brothers as they battled through the War together. I truly aspire to be a leader like Major Winters (as you watch keep that in mind). If you have seen Saving Private Ryan and liked it, then you should definitely watch this. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Guest selection: Mrs. Hockman let me know that on pay per view you can watch, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." She said it "it inspired me and is a heartwarming and beautiful movie."-- If Mrs. H loved it, I say its worth a rent.

Past suggestions:

  • Miracle
  • Icarus
  • Groundhogs Day

In case you missed it... a letter to our students from Mr. Bakke


Dear Fife Students,

You are facing truly unprecedented events, and this will be something you will never forget for the rest of your life. I am so sorry you are going through it. I’m sorry that for so many of you, the rewards from the hard work you have put into your sports, concerts, and productions is being taken from you. I’m sorry that your education is getting temporarily compromised. I’m sorry for all the special events that were scheduled that have been canceled. These are memories you won’t get back. I am sorry if you are feeling fear. I know these events are going to impact us all in a lot of scary ways.

But to our beloved FHS students, do not lose hope! My grandparents generation was called, “the greatest generation.” A lot of people think this is simply because of the extreme sacrifice they made during World War II fighting for the freedom of the world, but that is only part of the story. This was the same generation that grew up in the depression, during the worst economic times in our history. They suffered tremendous loss and faced incredible adversity, when terms like “rationing” were everyday vocabulary. They never lost hope, and in spite of those hard times they went through, they went on to save the world.

Fife students, this is your time to show that you have the makings of also being a “great generation.” You are going through historic adversity, which means it's your opportunity to shine bright. Shine by showing others how you care, by your resilience, by being extra helpful with your family, and by showing empathy and encouragement with your peers, and community. Even yesterday you put together a rush food drive and collected hundreds of items in just one day. We continue to be so proud of you!


I want you to again be reminded why we say “Get ‘Em Trojans.” In Fife it means that we will not back down, that there isn’t a challenge, adversity, competition, or tough test that will sway us...there is no such thing as insurmountable odds; in Fife we do not lose hope, and we do not quit. We Get ‘em Trojans!

I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, when we finish the school year the way we are supposed to... together. Make good decisions today and in the few weeks ahead. And Get ‘Em Trojans.


Mr. Bakke

Fife High School

Our Mission: To be a school that prepares all students for life beyond high school by developing their mind, body, and character