Secret Santa

For a beautiful Winter :)

Christmas is coming soon :)

Let's get excited!!!! Your Santa is coming for you!

Secret Santa

Sunday, Dec. 14th, 12am to Thursday, Dec. 18th, 6pm

International School of Asia, Karuizawa | ISAK

You will find more information below :)

I hope you enjoy this event.

Much love <3


The names of all students (including Dodo) will be written in pieces of paper and put in a big box, where later, you can come and pick one.

You are gonna be someone's SANTA, but also someone else's KID. When you open the piece of paper you choose, you will see your KID's name.

Every single day during this activity, you need to give your KID a present, as well as trying to find out who your SANTA is.

However, everything must be kept secret, meaning that you cannot tell anyone who your KID is. More importantly, try not to let your KID figure out who you are. Let them be excited everyday for the week :)

What is fun about the results?

Anyone who can find out who your SANTA is will get a small present on the last day of the activity (December 18).

Of course, after this activity ends, you can feel free to ask who your SANTA is.

Some information you may need to know :)

1. Your present can be anything! Yay. It can be big or small, physical or mental. It can be a candy, or even just a small good-morning note. It can be an extra plate during meals, or a beautiful song that you yourself perform. So, don't worry about this :)

2. Your present must not be more expensive that 500 Japanese yen. We don't want you to spend too much money on this activity.

3. You are strongly recommended to make the presents on your own. But of course, this is not compulsory.

4. If you find out someone else's SANTA, keep it as a secret! No spoilers!!!!

5. Your KID will be very pleased when receiving your present (I bet), so don't forget to give the present to him/her :)

We are the Special Event Committee

We hope you enjoy this activity.

We love you all,

The Special Event Committe