Tin is more that just tin like a Tin man

basic information

symbol: Sn

atomic number: 50

atomic weight : 118.710

group : 14

period: 5

color: silvery lustrous grey

classfication : metallic


metal workers found it to soft, when mixed with copper it give the alloy bronze and the discover is unknown


  • coat metals
  • used as a reducing agent
  • tin salts srayed onto glass are used to produce electrically
  • Also on lighting and for frost free wind shields
  • window glass is made by floating molten glass on molten tin


  • its metal
  • Malleable
  • somewhat distilled
  • Tin disease
  • tin plague
  • highly crystaline sturcture
  • the devils work
  • a cubic structure
  • tin resist diostiled,water,sea,sort of tap water
  • attacked by strong acids

biology (in humans)

  • small quanites in rats
  • used as bactericides and fungicides
  • sever problems to local wildlife

geology (in the universe)

  • tin is never found as the free element
  • most of the worlds supply comes from malaya , bolivia, indonisa, zair, thailand and nigeria
  • new england was famous for its tin mines


  • density of solids 7310kg m3
  • molar volume 16.29 cm3

  • Electrical resistvity 11.5*10-8 Ω m; or mΩ cm

interresting facts