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All about Islam

The main followers of Islam are called Muslims. Some beliefs Muslims have are prayer, Friday prayers at mosque, Declaration of faith: first pillar of Islam, and follow the five pillars. A sacrament of Islam is the five pillars. The five pillars include: Faith statement that there is only one god named Allah and Mohammad is his messenger; pray facing mecca five times daily, charity, fasting [abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours during Ramadan], haij [pilgrimage to Mecca at least once], a tradition Muslims have is no eating pork. The place Muslims worship is called a mosque [minaret is for call of prayer]. Muslims holy book is called a Qu`ran [Koran]. Some holidays or holy days Muslims have are Ramadan= celebrates Allah giving Muhammad message, another is Eid al Fitr= celebrates end of Ramadan; gifts, food, family, thanks. Two main holy cities or holy places Muslims go are the dome of the rock which is in Jerusalem, another is Mecca [in Saudi Arabia] aka Makkah. and those are some facts about Islam or Muslims.