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Handmade Goat Leather 13 Padded Laptop Bag Satchel SMR

We make Vintage Inspired Quality leather products that don’t cost a fortune. Every bag is specially made for its buyer and comes with a monogram “SPECIALLY MADE FOR (Buyer Name)”.
The best thing about these bags is that every product is hand crafted by me or under my supervision .You won’t find any pitfalls of factory made goods such as careless cheap labor , Unfavorable working conditions which usually results in low quality merchandise .
This art of handcrafting leather products was passed to me by my great grandfather. My family is producing these products since 100 years. While My dad quit I decided to sell it on etsy.
Each bag is handcrafted with amazing attention to detail. After Tanning, The leather is Double-stitched and sewed together. The bags are oiled from sunflower oil and kept under the sun for drying. This results in softening of the leather and development of vibrant texture.
We do not use any chemicals during the production process of these products. This allows the bags to weather naturally. With time they become incredibly crafty and within a year of use the color is enriched. Making the bag give out an antique feel. No photograph can do justice to it!
As every bag is handcrafted . every bag is a unique piece . Variations in leather work, the texture, the color, the tanning. Every bag have a character of its own. And that’s what makes my bags special. The more u use them the more unique they become . You will never find another person carrying a similar bag as you 
We also take orders for custom designs . inbox me us for more info  hope you will fall in love with your bag 

Approximate External Dimensions
33cm (w) x 26cm (h) x 12.5cm (d)
13” (w) x10” (h) x 5” (d)

This 13 satchel with rounded corners is ideal as a casual everyday shoulder bag or will also hold a small laptop like a MacBook. We've found that these round-cornered versions are becoming more and more popular.

Please note that our current stock of these bags have a carry handle which does not appear in the photographs. Our stock of these is also darker, much like the photos in our other listings.

About these bags

Also available with square corners ('SM') on a separate listing
Also available with a front pocket ('SMP' & SMPR') on separate listings
The colour may be darker and leather texture may vary
Quality brass metal fittings (not pictured)
Three internal compartments
Two internal zippered pockets
Sturdy green canvas lining
Dense, thin padding that doesn't substantially detract from the internal space
Strong, light-weight goat leather, tanned without the use of chemicals
Handmade in India by experienced craftspeople
Distinctive leather smell that fades within 4-6 weeks of regular use
Each item is unique & some include leather patches or design features. Please tell us if you want your bag without these features. POLICIES

✓ All our items are handmade from Authentic Goat/ Buff/ Calf Leather.
✓ Every piece of leather product is sun tanned & No chemicals or materials are used in the process.
✓ As the materials used are natural, this product is 100% ECO FRIENDLY and NON ALLERGIC.
✓ As every other fresh leather product it tends to have the fragrance of leather which fades away by regular use in 2-3 week of time.
✓ Color- As every skin has a unique way to absorb tan, the color may, have a unique variety and texture.

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Satchel Art

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