STEAM 3 News Flash

From Mrs. Bonilla at School #3 Little Falls

Third Grade STEAM

Third-grade classes have been working hard to create interactive habitat bulletin boards. They had to research their specific habitat and identify an animal or plant they wanted to become an expert on. The students worked hard to create a model for the bulletin board display using materials from the Makerspace. Students will complete the projects by researching and creating a Google Slide presentation with facts and information about their specific animal or plant. We will be adding QR code to their specific projects linked to their Google Slideshow so they can be scanned with a Smart device and their presentations can be viewed by others.

Fourth Grade STEAM

The fourth-grade classes worked hard to create Super Plants. They learned and studied about plants that grow in different environments and the special adaptations they have that help them to survive in those environments. Using what they have learned, the students were challenged to apply their knowledge of plant survival and environments to create a Super Plant that could live in an environment with extreme conditions. The students used materials from the Makerspace to design their models.

What's next in STEAM and how you can help...

Both 3rd and 4th-grade classes will be moving on to The Egg Drop Challenge. Students will learn about Newton's first law of motion and review concepts such as gravity, friction, absorption, impact, drag and use their knowledge to help them to create a contraption to protect an egg from being dropped from a variety of heights. Students will be using the Engineering Design Cycle. They will plan out their designs, create their models, test their contraptions and remodel as needed until the final drop date (to be determined). I am asking that each student bring 1 to 2 eggs to use during this activity for testing purposes and for the final drop. They should be carefully wrapped and packaged so they don't break. Once I receive them, I will store them in the refrigerator and use them as needed. Thank you for your support during this activity. I will send home a paper copy just in case families do not read this online newsletter. Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in donating to the STEAM Lab below is a list of items we could use.

Here are some of the videos, I have shared with the students for our Egg Drop Challenge. Enjoy!


Please do not feel obligated to purchase any of these items. If you are cleaning out a closet or your basement, please keep the STEAM Lab in mind. I will update the donation list as the needs arise. THANK YOU!!!

-Cardboard (boxes, tubes, sheets all sizes)

-bottle caps (all shapes sizes and colors)

-craft supplies (any and all)

-party supplies you no longer need

-acrylic paints

-spray paints (fun colors...used by teachers only without students present)

-Model Magic

-ping pong balls

-tennis balls



-googly eyes

-old game boards

-bubble wrap

-tin foil sheets

-baby wipes (for cleaning)

-stuffed animals

-scrapbooking supplies (paper, embellishments...)

-old unwanted games/toys (building sets and so on)

-remotes (from tv's you don't use anymore...Optimum/Verizon...)

-old dvd's or cd's

What is happening in Technology classes...

In technology, both grade levels have participated in the Hour of Code Challenge where they have a whole class period to try and complete one of the many activities offered through Several students were able to complete the challenges and earned certificates. We are taking a break from our normal activities and moving on to ScrathJr for 3rd graders and Scratch for 4th graders. Students will be able to apply their coding skills to create stories/programs for others to enjoy.

Mrs. Bonilla

If you would like to contact me, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.